August 18, 2019

Trump: 'Hate has no place' | USA TODAY

Trump: 'Hate has no place' | USA TODAY

Trump says hate has no place after mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.
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U.S. President Donald Trump spoke about the mass shootings at the Walmart in El Paso, Texas and in Dayton, Ohio. He said hate has no place and also discussed mental illness.

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  1. trail mark

    Is this ironic or what? Just recently I started playing grand theft auto on my computer. Yesterday I got out of the cab in a crowded neighborhood where people were talking crap took out my gun and started shooting them up. I didn't want to wait for another taxi so I stole a car breaking the window. The police showed up quicker than I suspected and I went to jail. I was let out the other day never having to see the judge so I never had to explain myself in a court of law. If somebody was to have asked me why did I do this I would probably answer it was the way the game was being played then I would turn around asking my own question, have you ever heard of norms and mores? I lived out of my car state to state working out of labor pools as a Carpenter and you can believe me I do know what culture shock is. The other day I started watching the jackass movie off the Internet didn't get the humor and turn it off. When it comes to reality should there not be more of a dividing line than a narcissistic president calling the Democratic Party the party of crime. I know he's a Republican but isn't this taking it a bit too far for our children to learn the difference between what is acceptable and what is not acceptable behavior coming from their president being taught in school. Maybe I'm wrong and everything I am saying is just alternative facts coming out of fake news but how am I supposed to know difference watching TV? This shout out goes to the rest of the world if you can tell me where the hope in the future lies I will be glad to listen. I am pretty sure you're going to need money to get some but who will be in the business of making hope in the first place?

    Moving from Connecticut to Tennessee this was how my first experience with the law and culture shock turned out. A policeman was telling homeless people not to smoke on church property where they went for morning coffee as kindness of the preacher of the Methodist church. I asked the policeman what right he had to do this without talking to the preacher first. He did not answer me and then proceeded to drive on. About three days later I was leaving the parking lot of my apartment (which was right across the street from the church) not using my blinker, the same cop stopped me impounded my car and told me if I ever get it back that he was going to do the same thing over again. I let Tennessee keep my car. Now I know in Tennessee cops can steal cars with just a bad attitude a badge and a gun. This was the worst culture shock that ever showed up in my lifetime and Tennessee helped get a narcissistic billionaire elected as president out of its Bible Belt churches and their TV preachers (the sole is for sale! If you know what you're doing you could get rich). Maybe the South did rise again using the sword of the antichrist and bullying to suicide to get what it wants… Back to the computer do I ever have to get out of bed anymore? If Mohammed can't come to the mountain why can't the mountain come to Mohammed? Is there really that much of a difference between a computer and what is real today… talk to your children?

  2. Elvia Yribe

    Says the white nationalist fake president you inspired this hate you didn't cause it but you inspired it every opportunity you got. And Trump karma is a b** in one day you will get yours I just hope the American public can see it up close and personal. And I hope Melania and your kids go down with you. Living off the taxpayers calling everyone you're just a con man.
    The number one mental illness is a narcissistic fake president that's our biggest mental illness. You always have to make it about you Trump people are dying and it's about your good work NOT.

  3. GoldenLion Tv

    Full of it. It takes you people this long to acknowledge a mentally unstable person will act on your vile comments. If theyre are people who are mentally ill why would you not think before you speak? We are waiting for your answer Mr. President or is this a political issue because you did mpre then any other administration or is it that its getting out of control on your watch huhhh qe the people are waiting?

  4. Pink Rose

    WTF!!! Trump is always talking about hate!!!For the love of God learn how to speak in complete Intelligent sentences!!! Instead of like a 3rd grader praising yourself when you should be offering condolences to the families!

  5. peter lee

    Hypocrite and a liar. Trump is the epitome of hate, he inflated the latent hate of the white supremacist and condone it through his rhetoric and hateful rallies. The blood of those people who were murder by the white supremacist terrorist are forever impregnated in his hands. We all need to stand up and vote Trump and all of his supporters and enablers from government forever.

  6. maxthekit uchiha

    Trump is a joke he doesn't care about anything his words mean nothing if we end up with this sad excuse for a human being as president again in 2020 this country is going to go down and it could possibly result in a bloody Civil War

  7. Charlotte Skaggs-Taylor

    I am grateful that Donald Trump put his comfy life on hold to take ALL haters head on. Haters are cowards. I love Jesus Christ. "NO ONE" human being has the right to judge. God almighty is the only real judge. ALL LIVES MATTER…whether you are purple, green…love whom ever you love, and are born a guy but wants to wear lipstick…do what makes you happy just so long as you are PEACEFUL about it. President Trump is no racist. Usually those who acuse, cannot face themselves & are just pointing their accusatory finger back at their ownselves…🦋

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