November 12, 2019

The House votes on President Trump impeachment inquiry | USA TODAY

The House votes on President Trump impeachment inquiry | USA TODAY

The House of Representatives is expected to debate and vote on a resolution offering rules for hearings on the impeachment inquiry, and also outlines powers for Republican members to issue subpoenas.


A resolution vote will be the first of the full House under the formal impeachment inquiry and will put moderate lawmakers from both parties under scrutiny heading into the 2020 election.

The inquiry is attempting to determine whether the president withheld military aide from Ukraine in exchange for an investigation into Trump’s domestic political rivals.

Trump has acknowledged asking Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky to look into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, as well as the origins of a 2016 hacking of the Democratic National Committee.

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  1. ****

    Republican not only ignored the rule but the people who they are represented. Many of these Representative need to be voted out in 2020. They do not honor our service members, our children,. Since 2016 they have abused all our rights and have ignored all the criminal actions from their racist president.

  2. art fernandez

    Don't forget about his other buddy and Campaign Manager Paul Manafort who is also in jail turns on the T.V. Paul Manafort is an American Criminal, former lobbyist, political consultant, and former lawyer who is currently serving a federal prison sentence for multiple financial crimes.[4] A long-time Republican Party campaign consultant, he joined Donald Trump's presidential campaign team in March 2016 and was campaign chairman from June to August 2016. He was convicted of tax and bank fraud in 2018 and forfeited his license to practice law in January 2019

  3. Cissie Pierce

    Nancy Pelosi is not concerned about our constitution, her only concern is protecting her ability to continue her and her husbands graft! When the bank account of a politician, their spouse, children, siblings, friends, etc expands in direct proportion to the career of the politician, something is wrong. Career politicians ARE the problem. The only way to solve this issue is to have term limits. The problem here is that the career politicians make the rules. This has got to change, the only way to make this change is for all of us to remove (vote out) everyone who has been in Congress more that four terms. Four terms in Congress directly corresponds to two (four year) presidential terms. Let’s all put the screws to these self serving bastards.

  4. Kem Wills

    This is NOT voting on impeachment it's just voting for the inquiry so dem's can continue to do what they were doing but it's legitimate now…before it wasn't.

    Nothing new. the bill is exactly what the repub's have been saying it is. Dem's are covering their a$$es. There still is no charge on what their investigation is on, whether there is "sufficient grounds exist" to impeach Trump…opening the door to be able to investigate every single thing any future president does without a charge.

    Apparently the democrat's think Americans can't read. This bill H. RES. 660 is very much partisan "The ranking minority member is authorized, with the concurrence of the chair of the Committee" LOL

    The repub's can't do anything unless they have Adam shciff's permission, We all know schiff want give it. he hasn't yet..

  5. Rhett Butler lll

    Hell, we shouldn't recite the Pledge Of Allegiance… Religion with our government???? Shame on you! We remove God from our schools and now you want someone to fix "your whining concerns because of school shootings? After what you did to God, I can care less if your kid is killed in a school!

  6. Kayla Newbill

    Why impeach trump? Is it because you can control him? You guys are hilarious. Finally we have a president who gets things done and doesn't let other manipulate him in making steps in the wrong direction. And you are scared so you want to impeach him.

  7. NAM BUI

    "Experts" predict Trump will lose tragically in the 2016 US Presidential election. Result: Easy big victory for Trump.
    "Experts" say Trump will start a war with North Korea. The result: Peace for the Korean peninsula.
    "Experts" are concerned that the global wave of terrorism will increase because of Trump's military and diplomatic strategy. Outcome: Terrorist organizations were killed and repulsed.
    "Experts" think that tax cuts will destroy the economy. Result: The economy exploded with record growth.
    "Experts" warned Trump would be a nightmare for the black community. The result: the unemployment rate of black people fell to the lowest level in history.
    "Experts" insist Trump will fail heavily in his trade war with China. The result: China's economy has grown at its lowest rate in the past 30 years, repeatedly "begging" the United States to return to the negotiating table.
    "Experts" criticize Trump's withdrawal of US troops from Syria will enable ISIS to rise. The result: the ISIS leader emerged from the cave to reunite with 72 virgins.
    "Experts" comment Trump will be difficult to escape the process of harps. Outcome: Trump will surely be removed from office on the afternoon of January 20, 2025.

    Don't listen to what the "expert" has to say, but look closely for what Donald Trump does!

  8. UltimateLocke

    Okay need someone to explain some stuff because every democrat I've talked to pretends like impeachment is going to pass in the house for sure.

    According to my American government class & just basic google impeachment takes 2/3rds majority vote.

    Current number of votes in the house is 435

    Republicans control 199

    Democrats control 235

    Impeachment requires 2/3rds which is 291 votes for it to pass in the house.

    Anyone wanna explain how the democrats are going to get this passed?

  9. Dylan KS

    This is a corrupt and unjust act that is blind to the blatant quid pro quo on video of Joe Biden and proven sleazy financial gain of Hunter Biden by billions from Ukraine and China. Democrats are trying to strip the vote of the people from 2016 and 2020 and Americans will not let our voices, rights and freedoms be taken away in a dark basement of OUR house by Schiff and Pelosi so help me God.

  10. The Rockabillys Band

    Just political theater. trying to smear the President because they can't do anything useful. History will show the President Trump was the best leader this country has had since Ronald Reagan. The proof is in the numbers and facts….which don't care about your "feelings". MAGA 2020

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