November 12, 2019

The fundamentalist community, caught in a Mexican drug war | USA TODAY

The fundamentalist community, caught in a Mexican drug war | USA TODAY

The fundamentalist religious community that lives in the throes of a drug war.
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The three mothers and six children killed in a cartel attack spotlighted a thriving community of fundamentalists in the midst of the Mexican drug war.

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  1. revisionfour

    With no border these cartels can just come and go through our border. We essentially are part Mexico at this point. We need a secure border. It's time to understand the safety issue here and it's actually common sense to secure your home from criminal entry.

  2. Jae Riot

    But if they been their since the 1860 they had their own land so they had to be known. This all feels weird out of no where cartels just want to mess with a entire family as if this family could topple what they had already had established like what is the motive I dont see any evidence to say it's a cartel yet that's all I hear it could be. Like it just seems like manipulative programming because the pieces just dont add up

  3. Trent Montgomery

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