November 13, 2019

President Trump launches "Black Voices for Trump" coalition | USA TODAY

President Trump launches "Black Voices for Trump" coalition | USA TODAY

President Trump courts black voters ahead of 2020 election.
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President Donald Trump launched the “Black Voices for Trump” coalition to court black voters ahead of the 2020 election.

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  1. civicpride1986

    African American vote for Trump of you want more discrimination, look at what happen to all the Hispanic community, there is more hate and racisms towards us even if we are American citizens, people automatically judge base on skin color..

  2. HarleyFuta 79

    We never got nothing…… I had to pay for college just like every other american……………………. Now I'm joining the army… we been doing it by our self………Lol this is too funny……. My advise rise to yourself I order to achieve greatness

  3. Sasuke U

    I like that he’s at least trying to appeal to black voters that’s something past Republican Presidents didnt even bother doing along with other minorities. It’s why the GOP is in the hole right now and I hope they have a chance to climb out.

  4. ghetso girl

    Hey Donny, try my end of the Ghetto Dear. I bet even the secret service hesitates. You bad monthed the wrong bro when you went after Elijah. The black vote isn't that stupid, not to see through the Klan crap you spew.

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