October 13, 2019

President Trump calls AOC 'wack job' in series of tweets | USA TODAY

President Trump calls AOC 'wack job' in series of tweets | USA TODAY

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said it’s better to be a “wack job” than a “criminal who betrays our country” in Twitter spat with President Trump.

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  1. Christopher

    Any American who supports this President doesn’t believe in Democracy. When you ask a foreign advisory to interfere with our elections you are removing Americans from the voting process, therefore corrupting our votes at the ballot box.
    Our President is for Americans and Americans alone to vote for without any interference from foreign countries. Period. End of story.
    So I’ll say it one more time.
    If your a supporter of this President then like Trump you don’t believe in Democracy. Move out.

  2. Cranjis McBasketball

    It's disturbing and embarrassing to see my President instigating on Twitter, for the whole world to see. The people he attacks should just ignore his tantrums or they'll only give him what he's after; attention and a fight. His bullying behavior speaks volumes on his character and mental fitness, not the person on the receiving end.

  3. Plutarch

    Face it. The election of Donald Trump has destroyed the Democrats.

    He has exposed them and their inexorable shift to the far left. He has blown their cover, and stripped them naked in the full glare of the American people's court. He has exposed their covert….decades old Socialist plan for this great nation….. and it is corrupt and damning.

    That is why that strange….odd bunch are running and the DNC are glad to let them, just to keep up appearances. They are face savers. Space fillers. Time buyers. The real and most qualified Democrat candidates know it is in vain, at this juncture, so they stand back and let these Hari Kari / Kamikaze oddities fall on their swords.

    When Trump wins another four…. he will consolidate. This new breed of Democrats will be kept out of power for decades. Maybe forever in their current form. Until such times as they flush the weird Occasio Cortez/Omar type of Euro style Progressive Socialists, the Politically Correct lunatics, from their ranks, and turn back the clock to the days of sanity, back to the era of the Democratic Party of JFK, FDR, et al. The Democrats of yesteryear. The Democrats of normality. That……. or they will wander in a political wilderness and die on the vine there, unless and until they revert to being the traditional, sensible Democrats the people of this America respected. The Democrats even Republicans respected

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