August 19, 2019

President Donald Trump makes a statement on mass shootings | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump makes a statement on mass shootings | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump makes remarks after the recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

As gunfire ripped through America in an unprecedented 24 hours, a bleak milestone in a nation pocked by gun violence was marked: There have been 251 mass shootings in 2019, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

A shooting spree early Sunday at an entertainment district in Dayton, Ohio – which left at least nine dead and more than two dozen injured – notched an even darker statistic: It occurred on the 216th day of the year, meaning there have been more mass shootings than days so far this year.

That incident followed a rampage Saturday at a Walmart jammed with back-to-school shoppers in El Paso, Texas, that left 20 dead and 26 injured.

The two massacres became the nation’s latest mass shootings as defined by the archive, a not-for-profit organization that provides online public access to information about gun-related violence.

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    the issue that causes these kids to act out on shootings is not because of guns nor about violent video games. it's because the balance of the parents lack of care in their child or either the constant coddling and abuse of parenting that leads kids to grow up to develop mental issues. we either don't show enough love to our children or teach them enough social skills to the point they cannot even have a decent conversation with someone in the outside world of their homes. or on the other side, the child is constantly being treated that their lives are always in danger so the parents teach them too aggressively in different ways to the point that they still end up as socially award and find no other sense in life other than negativity or evil. Thus, the only resort child has to lock themselves in their rooms, and learn life through video games and the internet because the parents were to much worried about other things rather than the safety and well being of their kid. You really want to prevent future shootings? Look at the parents. most parents when they come home from work is just turn on the TV and watch this stupid crap on the war of politics on NBC, CNN, FOX, or whatever media. I remember before 2010 hit around,not much people have game a rats ass about the media they cared more about how another human being was feeling, not a stupid journalist and their agenda. I remembered there wasn't much fights and conflicts around the us, but looking at america now, it seems like were a big high school drama. I don't want to grow up in a place where famous people and politics rule what we should do and dictate how a persons life should operate. I don't want to live in a world where people could censor MY words because apparently someone else "knows more than me" thus my message and opinion is invalid. We live in very scary times, it's always a constant battle of red vs blue. i just hope the time i hit the age of 30when I'm done with my future career in the military, i can look back at these years and just ask myself, "how did I live though these years?"

  2. Tom Jetblade

    short before this radical trouble happened, i was focus myself on a track the vynil Two Nations – This love, the band from Germany has 2 members and the related fact about the song and the name of the band is that my girlfriend and i are also 2 Nations, despite the different work and way we can work best, but then, yes Donald, i have to tell you somthing. there is indeed nothing wrong with being sharp and open on internet/social media, and the people in the clean stages, especially the rich leaders have far the biggest responsibility, so please, don't try secretly to escape from that responsibility. your promise, making America great again, give me a break, and for who? the rich and the strongest? i am sorry, but ask my plastic bag, kguh.

  3. TheTlewis3074

    There are laws against drugs. Laws against speeding. Laws against marijuana, and even e cigarettes. Some states even have laws governing where we use the bathroom. But we can't pass laws against guns? What a bunch of cowards. So McConnell broke his arm?


    Mentally ill monsters. Lol really trump. So now everyone who has a mental disability is a monster. First it was women then it was African American then it was immigrants now it’s the mentally ill do better. Your the one creating this hate and violence and if u cared about America you leave

  5. maurice williams


  6. Des dren Trooper

    Listen to this prick…Like his words are authentic & come from his heart….The hatred has been stirred up by him…What a f'kn puke of a person…Should ban tweeting…So he can't spread his poison influence to his blind mug' worshipers !

  7. Neetish yadav

    Video games and internet exists in the whole world not only USA and you don't see mass shootings like this in other countries. The first step to solving a problem is to admit there is one and if you keep dodging the blame you can't fix it

  8. bean dip

    ll probably get slammed by folks that think that is ridiculous, but here I go: Banning guns like the AR,AK, and tactical sporting rifles will be just like the banning of drugs that started the drug war, people will do what they are compiled to do regardless of any laws. Also giving up any one of our constitution rights will lead to the demise of them all. Many of these shooters are young adults, raising the age to own a tactile/sporting rifle to 35 could not hurt and its less ridiculous then many gun laws already in place. People want to blame high capacity rifles. In my opinion mass shooters/spree killers are not born out of genetics, they are breed from the kind of society we have made for ourselves. They need to be intervened upon in their up-bringing not the gun store. I agree something needs to done to stop these horrific incidences of extreme violence.

  9. Gaala Eri Cusman

    If America wants to reject violence then they need to stop invading, undermining through subversion and displacing the rest of the global communities

    It isn’t possible to enjoy peace while you displace and destabilize the rest of humanity

  10. Annemarie May

    And, you know something? He might be right. The problem is not people having guns. It is the wrong people having access to guns and other weapons, too, like the swords and knives,baseball bats etc our Aussie multicultural violent crims use to kill, in far more agonizing slower ways than an instant death by gunshot, not that I advocate any of these methods, painless or otherwise. People with a risk of or history of mental illness and the very elderly, possibly, and some war veterans, too, should not be allowed to have a gun or a weapon, but need to be able to self protect if threatened eg some criminal invades your place late at night a nd you are old and alone and vuln erable, so what do you do, if you cannot have guns, as in Australia now? I suggest teaching these vuln erable folk not able to safely have a people gun to use an y household o bject they can improvise as a weapon, if threatened and to keep said object close at hand eg a massive hammer, screwdriver, even a hair comb rubbed under the assailant's nose disarm them and buys time to seek help, dialling Emergency on the simple mobile phone every Australian poor person should be given and kept charged at no cost and be legallycompelled to always have easily accessible for an emergency, charged up etc. That takes care of the insane and elderly vulnerable folk who must not be allowed guns. But, no idea how one deals with normal people who just lose it, emotionally, get very angry, for whatever reason, and go on shooting rampages. Often over political issues, like coloured immigrants or personal problems eg bad romances etc. Nobody in their right mind would wish to kill these, multicultural types, even if they intensely resent their presence, even hate them, or females etc. But some very angry white men do because they cannot help cannot help the extreme anger and social in justice and cultural destruction certain unwanted foreign breeds and their feminist and religious etc do gooder supporters cause. So, in the best interests of such tragic potential victims and their tolerant, naive, misguided, white do gooder politically correct supporters, it might be wise to discouage the migration of certain types to places they are not wanted in and control feminism, which is the real, deeper underlying root of this mass shootings problem, nearly always done by angry young white men, who see no future for themselves as men, in modern feminist and coloured immigrants dominated society, other than to be heroes for one brief moment shooting randomly at all those they perceive as tacitly supporting such an order eg ordinary people out shopping. The randomness of their shooting is indicative of who their anger is directed at. Not specific i ndividuals or even groups, like some do. It is directed at the whole of mainstream society that tacitly supports this order that ill treats them, for being male gender and white. If coloured etc u ndesirable immigrants are needed and white women must work, i nstead of breeding etc, to deal with national labour shortage problems, just con ntrol and monitor their presence and conduct etc in workplaces and elsewher, too, their connections etc eg by monitoring their technology at all times, make it temporary only, toughen up border con trols, deport undesirables, sack feminist trouble makers in workplaces etc. Don't make it so easy for them, like it now is, to destroy the very fabric of western civilisation. The mentally ill but not officially insane, normal people going through life crises etc need to be identified eg by scrutinizing their workplace absenteeism sick leave records, Medicare etc records etc for why they took sick leave, sought stress couselling etc. Get them compulsorily psychiatrically assessed for potential undiagnosed psychosis, take their guns off them temporarily, until deemed
    mentally sane again to be responsible and compel them to undergo compulsory counselling etc to address issues like addictions, grief, family troubles, financial problems, gabling, alcohol, drugs, loneliness, domestic violence, low self image etc. All of which can cause ordinarily sane people to go off the rails and become dangerous. Some may need compulsory detox, medication, rehab etc. To help them recover and keep society safer from their potential harm to themselves and innocent others. All these mass shootings in the most modern society of all, the US suggest that modern society creates thestressors that cause such tragedies because they did not happen previously, even in the US, which has always been modern and affluent etc. So, what is it about modern western society that causes such massive grief? The clues are in who typically does these crimes, what they say before taking themselves and others out on their rampages, who they target, what weapons they use and their symbolism, who these types are etc. Typically angry, often handsome, clean living, hitherto morally white young men who feel they have no hope, or older men who know there is no longer any hope for them, after never had a fair go, even as fine young men willing to live good honest morally upright lives as men. I blame feminism as the mairoot of this and numerous other social problems of modern society. The multicultural hordes are just opportunistic unscrupulous fortune seekers, who have always existed si ce time began. Only now, they got smarter and learned how to exploit the feminists who protect, facilitate and encourage their plundering, ireturn for coloured immigrants increasing their political power base. By tougher immigration and border control in all ways, including snail mail, shiping, aircraft, computer communications etc and crushi ng feminism to a more acceptable level, the problem of all these mass shootings can start to be solved or at least curtailed. Not by something assuperficial as mere gun control. The problem is far deeper th an that. Its root is feminism and the multiculturalism and political correctness these elements support. So, these are the best places to begin tackling this serious internal security problem set to worsen in frequency and i tensity in future, unless a change of direction rfeminism and multiculturalism, border control, immigration etc are implemented soon. There will be more and worse violent crime caused by toxicfeminism and coloured, incompatible immigrants. In Australia, feminists i directly cause at least one female or immigrant murder a week, sometimes involving coloured successful, beautiful etc feminist careerwoman professional types and their killers are not always angry white young men, but also angry coloured immigrants who are offended by our very toxic brand of white feminism, which is far worse thaelsewhere because Australia invented this ugly scourge on western civilisation, now corroding its very fabric.

  11. Mr. Nottyboy

    You r some how responsable for this for spreading hatred towards Hispanics n other people who is not white we r not stupid..simple as that dont bs around trump I like trump but dont like he's racist view.

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