August 19, 2019

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on Dayton mass shooting | USA TODAY

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on Dayton mass shooting | USA TODAY

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine faced a crowd of frustrated mourners in Dayton Sunday night, yelling at him to “do something.”

What that “something” looks like will be detailed Tuesday morning at a 9 a.m. news conference. Whether DeWine’s solutions have any hope of becoming law depends on Ohio’s GOP-controlled Legislature, which has been wary of restricting gun rights.

DeWine, a Republican who took office in January, is expected to propose a “red flag law.” These types of laws allow police and relatives to ask a judge to remove guns temporarily from individuals whom they fear will cause harm to themselves or others. The judge grants what’s called an “emergency risk protection order.”

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  1. Jay Jay

    Will You finally denounce ANTIFA and radical leftist and we all have proof Connor Beth’s was a radical leftist & self proclaimed satanist who wanted to vote for Elizabeth Warren and said he wouldn’t wait for socialism, he was going to make it happen?

  2. Derrick Bowser

    Never hand over your property under any circumstances.

    The Corporate Media, the Psychiatric Industry, and the State want you vulnerable and in a constant state of terror, which they happily serve you.

    They only care about their bottom line and maintaining control of the populace to keep that bottom line fat.

  3. Hybrid InfoDesk

    If you can take an innocent baby and in 14 years or more turn them into violent mass murdering racists. You shouldn't have kids ( 250 homes with 1600 other than white people dead.); were hate is being nurtured not love. White supremacy (oxymoronic) being taught. This is not by accident. White people have one face in public or at work and another at home. Their kids are the only ones on racially motivated violent rampages.

  4. Lord Hughes

    Wow…… This decrepit old dork monster wants the zombie public to be okay with all that you say being monitored so they can catch the bad guy who post about his act on social media. LOL If you want to imprison those responsible then throw in jail whoever wrote the horrible scripts that the media reported. These people wrote this narrative and if you believe it you live in their world. Problem, reaction, solution!
    😂 LOL looks like the creepy pizza delivery guy from something about Mary needs diapers now….. Damn he aged badly.

  5. shari lewis

    😖Once again the parents were fully aware their child had emotional issues and they did nothing. All they had to do was show what he'd written in high school. Sadly they still would have had a battle. This United States of America has a really bad MENTAL HEALTH issue. Unless you a family member can show they are a danger to others and themselves they can refuse treatment. Which is totally messed up. Another thing people that don't suffer from MENTAL issues that doesn't give you the right to poke fun make derogatory comments. It's not easy for a person that suffers with this illness. It's not that person's fault they didn't ask for the illness. Search your soul and stop being the judgmental of people's mishaps. Band together so this will stop.PLEASE !!!!!!!💞

  6. Daniel Burdick

    NSA Data Could STOP Human Trafficking, Mass Shootings

    Sarah Westall

    Published on Aug 6, 2019

    NSA Whistleblower, Surveillance Expert Bill Binney joins the program to discuss the power of the data the NSA holds. The data can be used to stop human trafficking, mass shootings, treasonous blackmail, and many more crimes against the American people. The question is, do our American leaders have the courage to do what is right?

  7. Gamelord Victory

    mike dewine couldnt believe this mass shooting happened under his umbrella. its nothing he can do about it. laws dont alter the minds of a killer. the judicial system is corrupted , illegal detention, discrimination,racism all over ohio. ohio is a breeding farm for white supremacy and tyrant law enforcement. monitoring black citizens while in public is the ultimate distraction and perfect time to commit acts of terror. its going to continue the best thing ohio citizens can do is avoid shopping in big places stay home and smoke some herb.

  8. bella roja

    The FBI ALWAYS at first claims the mass shooter had "no history" with the FBI, only then in almost every incident, in a few days or week or 2, admits the shooter WAS in fact ,not only on the radar, were in CONTACT with FBI agents.

  9. Google User

    We used to be able to buy guns at every neighborhood hardware store with no background check or filling out any forms.
    And every home that had guns merely kept them in a unlocked gun cabinet ot hanging above the fireplace.
    We had gun racks in our pick up trucks with 3 or 4 rifles on display.
    And a father could leave a gun laying on a table or in a night stand and KNOW that his children would never touch them.
    So what changed?
    Today's parents are ENABLERS who ate afraid to say no to their kids and use ZERO discipline!!
    They want to be best FRIENDS with their kids instead of the authority figure they MUST be!!
    And in our day 95% of familes had a mom and a dad in the home!
    Today 90% of kids are in broken homed with no father for discipline!!
    In our day kids attended CHURCH every sunday and thet were taught right from wrong and to RESPECT elders, cops, teachers etc!!
    We don't have a "opioid crisis" or a "gun violence crisis" in this country we in FACT have a PARENTING CRISIS which is what causes EVERY single problem in society today!!!
    Until politicians recognise that the ONLT way to stop this is to address the lousy parent crisis, this will NEVER get fixed!!!

  10. Hermann Maas

    Imagine these rejects coming to take your guns bwahahahahah. Some retarded old man, his handler to the left and a tranny to his right. This is literally what we are up against, the scum of society has risen to highest positions of government. I wonder how many children this guy has molested. Get some you punks

  11. Breyon Satchel

    Y’all worry about building a wall and worry about Muslims but the threats are here on our own land by the majority. Sad. Yet, white people never like to point the finger at their own kind that create these massacres across America. Delusional.

  12. eliot

    Tell us something, we dont already know! Or, just tell us, there is "Absolutely Nothing", that the United States Government, can do, to "Stop or Prevent, Mass Shootings"!, Otherwise, it almost seems as if, the U.S Government, is allowing this type of behavior, to continue, as a form, of "Population Control"!

  13. JuggaloWedontdie

    I think people need to stop hate starting schools. Teach more about diffent religions and other stuff. People need to understand what shooting in America happens more then several times in the Year. It take few mass shooting to ban guns. I am looking for more mental health support and other stuff

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