August 19, 2019

Officers take down Dayton gunman in 30 seconds | USA TODAY

Officers take down Dayton gunman in 30 seconds | USA TODAY

Video shows the moment the Dayton shooter taken down by police in about 30 seconds
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Surveillance footage shows officers taking down the Dayton, Ohio, gunman in less than a minute.

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  1. trew ten

    Their was a story from February this year in Riverside CA that didn't make national headlines, but at local bar "Dukes" a man tried to enter but was confronted by two security guards the man pulled a knife on them and they were able to wrestle the knife away he then reached for his waist and they tackled him and it turned out he was armed with two hand guns and a few extra magazines. So thanks to these two security guards who saved many lives that night!!!

  2. Devin Hannas

    Good job YouTube hiding these videos on searches. Cant let the public see real life. Thank you to the police that were there and ran toward the gunfire and stopped him from entering that bar where dozens or more people were hiding. This could have been so much worse.

  3. soli Sanchez

    People are so massively fickle. One day they are criticizing and even chanting egregious things about the police and the next day, they are grateful to them. Most are young adults who turn their backs on the police and bad mouth them. What I saw was a lot of “young adults” as targets for this mass shooter, as he started into the bldg which was when the police showed up and stopped him. Interesting how life works out at times, Go figure..

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