November 13, 2019

More than 2 million pounds of chicken recalled in eight states | USA TODAY

More than 2 million pounds of chicken recalled in eight states | USA TODAY

More than 2 million pounds of chicken recalled, may be contaminated with metal.

More than 2 million pounds of chicken is being recalled in eight states because the poultry may be contaminated with metal.

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  1. Zion Izlegend

    This is a result of the poor workplace practices that plague USA manufacturing and food related factories. Alot of the problem is underqualified workers who have no place in the workplace. And standards lowered by corporations seeking the lowest possible pay rate available.. Even if it means hiring uneducated people who cant read or employees who are shoved into the workplace due to programs implemented by the Government. Its fairly easy to see. And sad. There is no corporate accountability at all. The factory jobs are being taken away from qualified people and handed to people who require a very low wage to be satisfied.

  2. Pebbles4red Jackson

    And people who don't care about their health are fighting one another over a Popeyes Chicken sandwich!? There is no discipline and training in the United States. A lot of males and females have become spoiled over relying on healthcare plans, welfare and the list goes on. Learn to cook your own meals ladies and men will appreciate you more. SMH…

  3. MIA Lee

    So about a month ago I had a slice of pizza with chicken on it from a restaurant’s in arizona and found a meta shaving in it haha thought it was a bone grabbed it out my mouth and stopped my coworkers from eating. Guys said it never happened before lol

  4. larrysheetmetal

    RONALD REAGAN " Government isn't the solution it's the problem " remember this when eat bad food , baby formula with Plastic in it , Baby food with heavy metals , pay to get money from your BANK and pay 12 to 22 % PLUS in taxes as top %5 and corporation get MULLIONS OF free money from tax cuts and deductions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. R King

    It's the effects of mass farming of these animals that lead to crazy ass situations like this little do us people know the hard value of raising an animal to eat for ourself and Jeffery Epstein didn't kill himself

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