September 21, 2019

John Bolton out as National Security Adviser to President Trump | USA TODAY

John Bolton out as National Security Adviser to President Trump | USA TODAY

President Trump has announced that John Bolton is out as National Security Adviser. Trump used Twitter to announce the staff change.

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  1. Barbatruco

    Is good that this jewish masonic pawn get out from the administratiom!
    He want that the oppressed american people pay for another war in the middle east only for the interests of israel…. and all the debt of trillions of dollars that thata war would cost will go over the heads of the oppressed working class people of eeuu, and in debit with theit own jewish international banks!….
    And all this to fulfill the project know as "the great state of israel"

  2. Barbatruco

    This jewisj masonic scum wanted a war with iran, and iran is enemy of israel, not enemy of eeuu.
    But israel is the TRUE enemy of eeuu because have eeuu infiltrated in the highest positions of the government and done a lot of social and economical damage to eeuu.

  3. P Costello

    If we have learned anything over the last few years and last week, Trump retroactively has the records modified, be it with a Sharpie, from bullying with his pack of lemmings, through his TV stooges, or from his orifice of lies. Count on it, he's pretending to have fired the Walrus of the White House. The GOP are Trumps lemmings they will be jumping off the cliff very soon.

  4. Art Jack

    Bolton is a piece of SH*T anyway! He tries to be
    Look so tough and have this as*hole expression on his face like he is a regulator. When a real person who is used to real tough guys can tell that he is a joke. With that stern look and Tom Sellic mustache he has. Lol.. what a clown. He ain't fooling anyone except the clueless. He thinks he is son hardcore!😂

  5. readme info

    Great. Let's be honest, Bolton worked more for the benefit of Israel then America. He was an Israeli stooge, and it makese sense to have a security adviser that doesn't have dual citizenship with a country like Israel… we all are adults. We know that textbooks claim Israel are Americas allies, but lets be honest, before Israel, America had ZERO enemies in the middle east. We also know that Israel is NOT Americas REAL ally, as they are involved heavily in espionage against us.

  6. Adil Mouhammed

    I think he was Natanyahu delivery boy (NDB). He was hired by Trump for two basic reasons. The first one was to destroy the Islamic Revolution in Iran. He said that Iran would not celebrate the 40th anniversary of the revolution. The second was to destroy Hezbollah. Both goals were to secure Israel and to make Israel the dominating force in the region. Trump though Bolton would deliver for him because Iran and Hezbollah would surrender when Bolton becomes in the Trump administration. Trump as an idiot he trusted Bolton. The outcomes have become very clear in that Iran and the Islamic Revolution of Iran is more stronger than what Trump and Bolton think. Pompeo was with them as well. In addition Iran is kicking asses very well. Hezbollah is more stronger than all because it represents the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon but it has defended Syria and Iraq. Natanyahu is losing his fat ass because of Hezbollah power. As usual, Trump has made U-turn and will blame Bolton for the US wrong policies. Most likely Pompeo (amother NDB) will go too. The world is more stronger that what Pompeo, Bolton, Natanyahu, and Trump think. This group led by Trump has been supporting Daesh and AL-Qaeda even in the United Nations. And those have done that just for serving Israel, not the US national interests. It is really very bad.

  7. Warrior Angel

    Hmm, after reading the majority of the comments it's apparent that this whole thing is the fault of the now despised and excoriated Bolton. The majority of people commenting think 45 did a good thing getting rid of Bolton. Not many found anything disgustingly wrong with inviting the Taliban leaders to Camp David of all places to discuss a peace deal the anniversary week of 9/11. No sir, it's all about the once praised and admired tough on Iran, now suddenly disgraced John Bolton. Boy the voices of praise turns faster in the White House than a sunny day to rain showers in Columbia , SC.😂😂😂😂

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