November 15, 2019

Family killed in brutal cartel attack in Mexico | USA TODAY

Family killed in brutal cartel attack in Mexico | USA TODAY

Mormon family killed in suspected Mexican cartel attack.
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At least 9 members of a Mormon family – three mothers and their young children – were killed in a suspected cartel shooting attack in Mexico.

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  1. IBM Carry

    If u choose to leave the USA and go live somewhere else-

    You take all the risks that go with that ….

    Only a Democrat would be that stupid to think borders mean nothing .. live anywhere

    Well now u need to report the crime to the Authorities in charge… since your in Mexico and support mexican economy – u should go to file the paperwork-

    Here is some advice when u goto the police department- pay your bribe in cash they don't accept checks 🤣

  2. NannyEm& BabyLevi

    I’m sorry but I reckon this fake news, I do not believe everything I’m told anymore. I think it’s so he can have his wall and so people agree with him to build the wall. It’s just scare mongering. And if it did happen then I’m sorry and may the victims rest in peace but I don’t think it has.

  3. Jack Tate

    I’m not really a fan of DT but his offer to go and wipe out these cartel dogs is a great one! This poor family my god those poor babies. These cartels are pure evil they need to be destroyed and quickly. Gods speed….

  4. savoyfan50

    Yes, it's all Mexico's fault. I wonder what people expect when the US is the biggest supplier of weapons to Mexico and the largest consumer/importer of drugs from there. That's all American $$ used to finance the cartels. Anyone who uses illicit drugs is contributing to the problem.

  5. A A

    Maybe people were upset they don't have the freedom like others have.. Some people who are lawless would spontaneously kill. The Cartels control Mexico. It's why people want to stay in the US jails than be deported back to Mexico. Until attention is given such as all the beheadings of 1st-world citizens in the Middle East which prompted the 1st world countries to intervene, tens of thousands of 3rd-world people would have continued to be tortured and slaughtered by the extremists.

  6. Hans Christian Andersen

    Do not worry, according to the Democrats in the USA, this is normal god loving people and there is nothing to fear from this, and the open border policy without walls and fences will help join the nations and the loving and caring drug trafficking narcotic lords of central America with the USA, and this can only be a success.

    Vote Democrats for President 2020, and you will get open borders, safe cities for drug lords in NY, LA, SF, Detroit and Chicago and medicare for all illegal immigrants. But, there is more! You as a law abiding American citizen will only have to pay for this with higher taxes and unsafe streets… Vote Democrats for 2020, it is not as crazy, if you are crazy enough! Democrats for 2020 the insane choice!

  7. Bathroom Bandit

    A cartel did not carry out this attack but by using the long history of conflict between them and the mormon family they'll have no choice but to take the blame. This was used to kick off a war and to really strengthen Trumps future poll numbers by sacrificing these American innocent children and women in Mexico to remind voters that it's his wall and immigration policy that will prevent future attacks

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