May 21, 2019

Colorado shooting at STEM school inures at least 8

Colorado shooting at STEM school inures at least 8

Colorado school shooting leaves at least 8 injured, 2 in custody


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  1. iPac9mm

    Gun free zones do not work
    We need to be able to arm ourselves and have a fighting chance instead we are sitting ducks.
    Police respond AFTER we are our own first responders.

  2. Rain Masters

    Since the 2000's…84% of White people are killed by other Whites. According to the 2016 FBI Crime is up for White people in every category compared to Black folks which goes against the media narrative. Also what is interesting that after Trump enter the White House domestic terrorism, went up. I'm not sure what's going on with White folks today but I hope the universe sorts it out quick.

  3. 1234

    If you haven't figured it out yet, humans are imperfect creatures. We have been killing each other for various reasons since before we were even "human".

    So you have animals that are already aggressive and you raise the population, then you limit resources, then you mix the populations to increase tension…. Does that seem like a good combination to any of you?

    When you increase the population not only do you increase the probability that someone will be naturally inclined to do this, but you also increase the tension, because people have no escape, no solice, they are crammed too close together which leads to fights.

    People may say these two had mental issues, sure that may play a role, but there was 2 of them.

    People like to assume these 2 were the "bad" guys, but in reality they are a symptom. The universe is cause and effect, something caused these 2 to come to the conclusion that shooting up a school was ok.

    These kids could've been bullied, they could've psyched eachother out through hanging out together, etc.

    A person who has no hope will probably be ok with throwing their life away in order to cause maximum damage to the people they feel have done them wrong.

    Guns have existed for centuries and yet all of this violence across the world is ramping up only recently.

    The reality is that these events of violence are the symptoms of an unhealthy society and world. If it's cause and effect, then these episodes of violence are the result of a fucked up world.

    Basically I'm saying that guns aren't the problem, our society is. Something is really wrong with humanity right now and we are all being pressured to commit such crimes.

    If you want to fix all of this you can

    a.) fix humans through genetic manipulation, but obviously that is a loaded solution with obvious flaws.

    B.) create systems to prevent these outbursts or minimize the damage. Cause obviously police aren't good enough.

    C.) Work on fixing society.

    Obviously the wests beliefs on "diversity is our strength" is bullshit. Obviously cramming people into apartments and keeping them in debt forever isn't smart. Obviously putting humans into high stress situations that appear hopeless will lead to some humans mental revolting under the load, lashing out in self destruction.

    Humans IMO are not suited to this modern life. There are certain base needs for humans thast must be respected. We are animals as much as we would like to hide it or forget it.

    you are mixing humans, cramming them into tinier and tinier spaces with more and more people, you are taking away their freedom, you are putting them under more and more stressful loads, this is the result.

    Even in Asian countries suicide, murder, all go up. Sure mental illness may play a role, but lets be honest it's probably not that. The problem is that society is pushing people to the extremes. People no longer feel hope, people no longer feel free, people are no longer happy.

    As this game gets worse and worse, more and more people will radicalize to whatever ideal, to whatever side, to whatever personal goal, vendetta, or agenda they have.

    I personally don't care anymore, I actually think these shootings are probably a good thing on a societal level. They are reminders of how healthy our society is, they are a reminder that people are PEOPLE, they aren't numbers, or pawns in some game.

    Matbe if enough shootings happen people will begin to change.

    Until then get used to this, because this is just gonna be more and more common as this unhealthy society grows!!!! Enjoy the Chaos I guess.

  4. JOEL00111

    More and more shooting to come courtesy of your federal government until you say okay to rip up the constitution and give up your guns so we can install THE UNITED TOTALITARIAN STATES OF AMERICA!

  5. Joe Shmoe

    It's interesting that this never used to happen until violent first person shooter video games became popular. That's why the army switched from training with bullseye style targets to human torso shaped targets…to acclimate the soldier to being able to shoot at a human without hesitation. Your thoughts?…

  6. Artistic Endeavors

    Well I dont believe a word of it. Sorry but NBC Photoshop measles onto a baby pic. They can do even more with video these days. Cannot trust any form of media. Especially now that Hindus pretty much are heading up most of it. Proves that the Protocols are right about the NWO religion will be an apologia of Vishnu. There is NO TRUTH IN THEM.

  7. justsomeawesome dude

    For people, killing in local area is considered normal nowadays. But for me it’s still just sad and especially that this is going to get worse by the years to come. May the lord — or whatever anyone believes— take care of me or us.

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