May 24, 2019

Alyssa Milano calls for sex strike to protest anti-abortion laws

Alyssa Milano calls for sex strike to protest anti-abortion laws

Actor and activist Alyssa Milano is calling her followers to stop having sex in the wake of Georgia’s new abortion law. Not everyone is on board.


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  1. peckaro 1

    Only libtards do this shit never see conservatives crying ovwr a law like stfu you lost fair and sqaure we should have a law were u get exlied if you try opposing a law that was recently made

  2. Ziggi Mon

    The whole country is in agreement here. We all agree that Alyssa Milano should have less sex.
    We also support the liberal followers of Alyssa Milano to withhold sex from their liberal men. We definitely know they wouldn't be having sex with the conservatives. So the libs will have less sex. That's good for the country!

  3. Rick Beckett

    Late term abortion? I understand a woman rights. However, have we forgotten about responsibility? So many contraceptives these days. Just pick one.And that goes for Male and Female ! What is wrong with everyone! Think before you sink ,your meat into her! F$%&* with good luck

  4. livewireOr

    Don't feel sorry for her husband! Many of these soap-box celebs are hypocrites. He will be having the best sex with her ever now; she might even allow it in her pooper :O

    "Alyssa, I thought you weren't allowing sex…"
    "Oh, honey, that's just a news/political thing…, come to bed baby…"


    Most men are too preoccupied, bored, and prideful, to give in to the demands of Sexual Terrorists like Alyssa Milano.
    We have heard this all before, and we have much more to lose than to gain from bargaining with Sexual Terrorists and washed up mentally unhinged Hollywood has-beens.
    Anyone with two eyes and half a brain can see that Alyssa Milano is sick and she needs therapy and anti-psychotic drug rehabilitation.

  6. Rick Mahnn

    As much as I SUPPORT keeping the government OUT of our lives and YES this INCLUDES the vaccines we chose. The hypocrisy that the Democrats have is unreal. There is NO other way into this world or even entering OUR universe as a human. Other than by the females in existence. That said. I will let those folks come to the conclusion on their own as to why or why abortion is good or bad. 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    Lol is this the funniest story of the century? Wow. What are men gonna do if you close your legs, Alyssa??? We're doomed lol. Just cuz you're pms-ing you shouldn't run your opinions wild. What a joke!

  8. SoCali

    I'm going to go out on limb and say that any woman who would agree to follow Alyssa Milano is probably not currently having sex with an ultra-conservative lawmaker who lives in Georgia. So this probably won't get them to change the law.

  9. Dàibhidh Mac Uilium

    I dont personally know anyone who has been legitimately raped. Getting wasted and regretting sleazy acts then claiming rape in order to shift guilt doesn't qualify. I'm guessing 98.9% of all aborted babies could have been prevented if their mamma was less of a sleaze, or at least responsible. Sure it takes 2 to tango, but women have power over their bodies, do they not? You cannot say they do and then blame the man when she turns up pregnant.

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